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Greater Carrollwood, FL


Hiring Company

Nexus Heals

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Position Description

Please use ONLY the link that appears in this job description below to apply for this position – NOT the APPLY NOW button above or at the very end of this ad.

Here is the link to apply for this position.

Our Nurse Practitioner and Company Hiring Philosophy:

We're looking for a talented, kind, and upbeat world-class person who happens to be a Nurse Practitioner.  You will serve our Patients and help us continue building our reputation of having the best medical staff — and the best Patient experience in the industry.

Our mission is to:


But just as importantly,


A workplace where. . .


After 37-years of treating the ugly effects diabetes, osteoarthritis of the joints, diabetic wounds, and peripheral neuropathy we are rebranding our unique, patent-pending clinical protocols into a new kind of medical experience:


When you work for us, you will see we are a very different type of medical company. 

If Disney, Nordstrom, and a selfless group of innovative providers had a baby, Nexus Heals Medical Healing Company would be that baby.

Here is the link to apply for this position.

Let’s talk about you: We're going to share the plans we've made to help improve your life, achieve your goals, and better enjoy the time you spend at work.  That may sound a little odd 

coming from an employer.  But, since you spend the biggest piece of your day away from home working, we think making it the best it can be for you is worth the effort.  What's wrong with an employer making one of its core missions helping its staff be happy and reach their dreams? 

What Nexus Heals Does and Why?

Our interim goal is to serve the larger Patient population suffering from diabetes.  In this clinic, however, we mostly provide knee pain relief.  Most of our Patients are older and suffering from osteoarthritis of the large joints.  Especially the knee.  Nexus Heals provides our patent pending knee relief protocol known as “Stabili-Knee™” to help Patients resume life without knee surgery.

In this current Covid climate we don’t want our Patients going to a hospital or surgery center for knee surgery.  Our knee pain protocols can keep Patients from surgery in some cases for the rest of their active lives.  That’s the treatment goal.

Can you see yourself on the front lines directly involved with helping seniors, athletes and others get mobility they haven’t had in decades?  We get them back to playing golf, playing with their grandchildren, and doing activities they only wish they could before we treated them.

We have performed countless knee surgery avoidance treatments for Patients over our 37-year history.

We use a unique approach delivering a fact-based consultation to each prospective Patient.  From there our providers present them with a care plan.  Nearly 100% of our care plans are paid for by insurance, including Medicare.  There is very little out of pocket cost.  Once they agree to care, the success rate of our procedure for substantially reducing pain and improving function is a staggering 92.7%.  

We welcome you to step into our precise, effective methodologies we've developed or have licensed.  However, we are innovators, and we want your ideas of improvement.  We readily admit we don’t have all the answers.  We readily admit we can always improve for the betterment of our Patients.

Here is the link to apply for this position.

How We See Our Patients:

Let's start by defining exactly what the term, "Patient" means here at Nexus Heals.  We see "Patients" as "Medical Guests".  When we talk about them, we call them "Patients" (with a capital “P”) but see them as "Guests" in our home.  This is not hyperbole.  We never think of any Patient as merely a "patient".  Every other clinic, doctor, NP, MA, PA, and receptionist in the healthcare system is welcome to see them as “patients”.  Not here.  The most important job you have at Nexus Heals (next to your clinical medical services) is treating each Patient as your Guest.  Always. Our definition of the term "Patient" is someone who trusts their care to us.  In return, we extend our faithful, medical care, protection, and guidance.

To qualify to work here, you will have a track record of success working in a fast-paced environment; you will possess confidence; emotional intelligence; credibility and high integrity; and an excellent work ethic.  You must be a highly motivated, personable, and articulate professional who enjoys working with people in a well-respected practice.  You should enjoy working with seniors; can comfortably answer Patient questions; and ease Patient concerns thoroughly.  You need excellent verbal and written communication skills.  You should be comfortable using e-mail, Internet applications, Microsoft Office programs, including Microsoft Word and Excel and be familiar with electronic health records platforms.  Bonus if you have experience with cloud-based medical records software, specifically PracticeEHR.  This is the EHR platform we use, and we will teach you to be proficient in short order.

What We Care About is:

1) That you love what you do every day and wake up excited to do it; and

2) That you are dedicated to our Patient's success.

We ruthlessly measure both daily.

Here is the link to apply for this position.

You’ll Work With a Small Team:

You will work directly with a small team of no more than four others.  The four other positions are New Patient Coordinator; Medical Assistant; Medical Director; and Receptionist.  We do not believe in traditional management, and we have a unique style of running a medical practice.  We consider our style of practice management a “meritocracy”.  Plus, after a 120-day probation period we distribute bonus pay each month based on a host of key Patient outcome success measurements.  We have very high standards.  We provide a great work experience and expect a lot from each Team Member in return.  Don’t let that frighten you.  Our self-directed employment principles take away all subjectivity.  In other words, there is no one person in our merit-based environment that can negatively affect your job because they don’t like you.  Or, because they have their own insecurities and blame others for their shortcomings.  (You know, like some bosses you’ve worked with or under in the past.  Right?)

We don't micromanage you.  Rather, as the Nurse Practitioner, we expect you to be a leader in every way.  You will be an "in-the-weeds" specialist (aka: consults and training) as well as strategizing, leading, and building our Team.  If you believe in Patients living a healthy life and avoiding the use of drugs for pain and surgery whenever possible — and you work well with others in a collaborative team setting, please apply!

Here is the link to apply for this position.

Your Resume?
Don’t bother.  We won’t even read it.  Like the rest of the way we do things at Nexus Heals, we have a specific type of methodology for building an incredible culture.  Just read this entire recruitment ad before applying.  If it feels like the kind of place you’d like to work in, give us your email and we’ll send you a link to our video interview.  There you’ll meet our co-founder, Presiding Director and largest shareholder, Becky Auer.  Answer 10 questions about yourself using our confidential on-camera interview process.  Then, hopefully, we will see you soon at an in-person interview!

Where You’ll Work:
All your work will be at our Nexus Heals Clinic inside Lane Family Wellness in Carrollwood, FL.

Your Performance Objectives Will Be:  

  1. Evaluate new Patients to determine which of our Stabili-Knee™ services they may benefit from.
  2. Write treatment plan orders and convey the reasoning for your treatment choices.
  3. Deliver treatment in the most beneficial, safe, and efficient manner possible.
  4. Monitor Patients for improvements and set-backs and modify services as-needed to help Patients meet or exceed their expectations.
  5. Monitor Patients for compliance then motivate and effectively communicate the need to follow recommendations to reach maximum medical improvement.
  6. Complete accurate and compliant SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan) charts in a timely manner.
  7. Communicate regularly with clinical and administrative staff.  This ensures a seamless flow of production, allowing for growth of our company, and ever better developments for our Patients!

Services and Procedures (formal training provided):

  1. Trigger point muscle injections using Marcaine and Sarapin.
  2. Fluoroscopic-guided Joint Injections using viscous supplementation / hyaluronic acid, regenerative medicine, PRP, or Sarapin.
  3. Durable medical equipment dispensing (knee braces, back braces, and home knee exercise equipment).
  4. Ordering / overseeing diagnostic tests such as Xray, JTECH ROM (Range of Motion), MRI, Labs.
  5. Prescribing medications as needed.

Here is the link to apply for this position.

What does Nexus Heals do and why?

We provide Patients who suffer from ongoing knee pain to resume life without knee surgery.

Do you want to be on the front lines and directly involved with helping seniors with knee pain?  Would you like Patients stopping by to bring you gifts because they’re so happy with their results?  (This happens frequently at Nexus Heals!)  That’s what some Patients (with a capital “P”) do to thank us.

The Compensation and Benefits:
Competitive compensation package with a base plus generous bonus structure (after a probationary period of 120-days).  Company paid contribution to health insurance after first 120-days.  One week paid sick time annually after 180-days; one-week paid vacation after the first year.  Candidates must be authorized to work in the United States without sponsorship.

Here is the link to apply for this position.

This Begins the More Traditional Requirements of the Nurse Practitioner Position:

Job Title: Nurse Practitioner (APRN)

Location: Tampa, FL, USA

General Summary of our Nurse Practitioner Position:


·      Nurse Practitioner will diagnose and treat our Patients whose health problems are associated with the body's muscular, nervous, and skeletal systems, namely Osteoarthritis. (O.A.)

·      Our treatment model of health care is holistic, stressing the Patient's overall health and wellness.  Our approach recognizes that many factors affect health; including exercise, diet, rest, environment, and heredity.  Our O.A. Treatment Protocol for large joints is minimally invasive, non-surgical, and Medicare approved.

·      Nurse Practitioner will follow a standardized routine in accordance with state laws, federal laws, and our treatment model.  The information you need for diagnosis and treatment includes, (but is not limited to), taking a proper medical history; conducting physical, neurological, and orthopedic examinations; order laboratory tests, x-rays and other diagnostic tests as deemed medically necessary, and perform large joint injections with guided fluoroscopy.

Reporting Relationships:

You’ll report to: Rebecca Auer (Owner/Partner); and,

Clinic Medical Director

You’ll provide Supervision to:  Medical Assistants

 Here is the link to apply for this position.

Essential Functions and Duties:

1.        Performs thorough evaluations using a variety of assessment tools to diagnose physical ailments, illness, and/or injuries.

2.        Creates Plans of Care based on the results of the assessment with goals targeting increasing Patients' functional ability.

3.         Provides variety of therapeutic interventions based on the Patients' individualized needs and focusing on increasing functional ability.

4.          Educates the Patient, family members and/or caregivers on the diagnosis, prognosis, and home exercise program necessary for continual improvement of Patient's outcome.

5.          Identifies appropriate charges as is supported by documentation and is compliant with Practice Act/Regulatory Policies.  Completes an accurate fee slip in a timely manner to ensure efficiency in the organization's billing procedure.

6.          Completes necessary documentation for all initial evaluations, progress notes, daily notes, discharges, etc., as is required by insurance payer sources, regulatory bodies, and State Practice Act.

7.          Stays current with regulatory and Practice Act changes impacting and related to medical care.

8.      Communicates effectively with peers, Patients, and families to support team activities and provide excellent customer service.

9.     Participates and supports the Quality Improvement Initiatives within the organization.  Offers suggestions/feedback as is required in our Nexus Heals work environment.

10.     Communicates effectively with leadership regarding questions, issues, and suggestions.  Believes in and is supportive of the Nexus Heals mission and changes and has no issue with constructive feedback.

11.   Performs all other duties as assigned.

Other Organizational Requirements:

Attends Staff Meetings

Completed Assigned Competencies

Annual TB test Completed

License Up to Date

Here is the link to apply for this position.

Physical Demands:
While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to stand, walk, sit, talk and hear.  Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision, distance vision, and the ability to adjust focus.

Work Environment:
General office environment and the noise level in the work environment is usually moderate.

Category 1 Blood-Borne Pathogen Exposure:
Job usually involves contact with Patients or Patient's specimens. Exposure to blood, body fluids, non-intact skin or tissue specimens, is possible

Further Requirements of the Position of Nurse Practitioner:

Minimal Education: APRN

Minimum Work Experience:  1 year

Knowledge and Skills:
Large Joint Injection Experience is Helpful (not required, we will train). Use of fluoroscopy desired.  Experience with PRP and aesthetics desired.


BXMO (Basic X-Ray Machine Operator)

If you’d like to apply for this position at Nexus Heals, great!

Here is the link to apply for this position.

Our hiring process is a bit different from what you may be used too.  You must complete a video interview as a part of our hiring process. Keep in mind, this is mandatory for further consideration.

The interview consists of a few questions and you’ll have the ability to practice before getting started.  The whole process will take you between 25-35 minutes.

Here is the link to apply for this position.

The deadline to complete it is three days, but the sooner you can get the interview completed, the better, as we’re moving quickly through the hiring process.

Our goal is for the different members on our hiring team to get to know you better.

A few important things to note:

  • We use a video interviewing platform called Spark Hire so if you need any help with the process, you can reach their 24x7 support team at support@sparkhire.com.
  • If you don’t have a webcam, you can use a mobile device after downloading Spark Hire’s free iOS or Android app.

We look forward to seeing your video interview come through!

Please use ONLY the link that appears in this job description to apply for this position – NOT the APPLY NOW button at the top or right below this ad.

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